Il Presente

Concept: Eleonora Sedioli
Performer: Eleonora Sedioli
Sound and lighting: Lorenzo Bazzocchi
Electronics: Matteo Gatti
Produced by: Masque teatro


Pneumatic valves blow air into pistons/columns.
As if it were suspended in the air, the metal surface flexes sinuously, it arches the skyline, and gets back to a state of stillness.
The machine breathes, and with it, a human body laid down the metal wave as well.
The tangled limbs follow each other forming slow spirals, letting themselves be rocked by the upward motion of the metal sheet which now imposes new geometries and a new balance.
The pistons puff, and the shafts, inexorable in their stroke, rise up in all their height.
The light is refracted when it hits the cold metal from above.
The bright surface stands out against the space.