Su una civiltà esausta

with Lorenzo Bazzocchi, Eleonora Sedioli, Silvia Proietti, Matteo Ramon Arevalos,Giacomo Piermatti
electronics: Matteo Gatti
machines: Lorenzo Bazzocchi

technical director: Tommaso Maltoni
physical computing and video making: Andrea Basti
costume designer: Anna Bazzocchi
set designer: Eleonora Sedioli
sound mixer: Matteo Ramon Arevalos, Giacomo Piermatti
photographer: Enrico Fedrigoli 
organization:  Jessica Imolesi
promoting: Catia Gatelli
creator and director: Lorenzo Bazzocchi
production: Masque Teatro
Co-production: Mood Indigo_Bologna
With the support of: Regione Emilia-Romagna, Comune di Forlí, Teatro Diego Fabbri
If " the writing of the disaster" describes the idea of Thought as something impossible to translate into visible signs with a consequent  impossibility of transforming it into words, in “Marble” , the company took another way, where the IRREPARABLE is the essential feeling linked to the idea of the disaster. It is this idea of irreparable that is taken as a starting point to begin to write the show. 
The word “irreparable” seems to hold perfectly the idea of  Disaster described by Blanchot. Therefore, we started from this fundamental feeling to recreate a particular landscape used as a background of the show, found in the decline of a civilization.
And we realized that it is the contemporary civilization, with its anxiety, to pervade our life with this feeling of a persistent chipping. Thus, I reminded some words from a text by Emile Cioran, "the temptation to exist", a chapter devoted to a dead civilization, the Western one.
Made up of images and landscapes where the word emerges and disappears, still far from a necessity to talk to each other, the stage is full of lonely figures  whose the only comfort is their own humanity.